about Blender Boom

As Blender software becomes more powerful and diverse and the user community grows fast, we see more and more potential to use Blender in architectural visualizations, gamedev assets design, animations, VR/AR and any other 3D-based works.

After many years in 3D design we switched to this amazing free software. Of course resources available on BB are for everyone to use, despite the software and render engine you’re using. But we would like to encourage everyone to use Blender as the main 3D environment.

Blender Boom was created to give you resources for creating realistic high-quality renders, games, animations etc. We give you double-checked high-quality models (including 3D-scans), full scenes/projects, textures, tutorials – anything that helps a 3D artist do the job professionally. You can always expect .obj, .fbx and .blend files.

An important issue – if something here is free, we mean CC0. Long story short: use it both non-commercially and commercially, but don’t sell it or share it without us knowing.

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs, please let us know.

Hope you’ll enjoy Blender Boom!