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  • 10 credits
  • unlimited time to spend it.

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  • 24 credits
  • unlimited time to spend it.

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  • 50 credits
  • unlimited time to spend it.

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Credits are our virtual tokens that you can exchange for products inside BlenderBoom network. Once you charge your account with credits, you can use it to purchase 3d models. If you chose to download a product, a specific amount of credits will be taken from your account and a downloaded product will be assigned to your account for future free downloads. Once you purchase credits, you have unlimited time to spend it.

Products cost 4-24 credits.

How can I buy scans?

You can purchase a credit package and use credits to pay for scans.

How do credits work?

After purchasing one of the credit packages you can use your credits to buy scans from our shop. This way you can either create your own package of scans or just get the ones you need now and keep your remaining credits for later.

Will my credits expire?

No, there is no expiration date for credits.

How can I download the scans after purchase?

Purchased scans can be downloaded as compressed zip files in the downloads section of your account.

Can I download a scan multiple times after purchase?

Yes, purchased scans can be downloaded up to 5 times.

How do I get an invoice if I need it?

If you need an invoice for your purchase, just fill in the “VAT ID” field. Invoice will be sent to you via e-mail.

What file formats are included?

All scans come with an obj, fbx and blend file (with cycles materials).

Which texture maps are included?

For every scan a diffuse map (png), a glossiness and roughness map,normal map(png), and a displacement map (tiff) is included.  This information can be found in the product description as well.

How do I set up the materials if I use the obj or fbx file?

In the list below you’ll find the texture maps and common names of the material channels where you need to add them.